Founded in 1994 by law enforcement gang investigators

The NWGIA was founded in 1994 by Law Enforcement gang investigators. They saw a need to provide quality training and services to the Pacific Northwest. The original NWGIA was made up of members from Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Montana joined in 1996. Over the last 20 plus years, the NWGIA has become a strong provider of gang training for our members and member agencies, as well as investigators from across North America.

The NWGIA prides itself as a professional organization dedicated to working cooperatively with our communities to disrupt and dismantle the negative effects that criminal gang organizations have plagued for far too long. Not only does the NWGIA work with Law Enforcement, Corrections and Prosecutors, but is also significantly involved with community organizations, faith-based leaders, elected officials and citizens to find collaborative solutions to not only holding those criminal offenders accountable as necessary, but to also foster better relations with Law Enforcement and to support innovative Prevention and Intervention programs to lessen the numbers of those youth victimized through recruitment.

The NWGIA is a member-supported, professional, 501(c)(3) organization

All donations, purchases, and conference fees are tax deductible. Membership is attained by submitting an application for membership along with a check or money order for annual dues, or by attending a conference of the NWGIA. Conference attendees receive a complimentary membership for the calendar year of the conference. Membership applications and renewals are available on this website. The NWGIA offers several professional, continuing education courses as well as being a major sponsor/organizer for collaboration between Law Enforcement, Probation, Corrections, Prosecutors and others entities in the Criminal Justice community that work in the field of Criminal Street Gangs.

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